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Who Is Barack Obama?/CNNが伝えたバラク・オバマの半生
Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961. He was named after his father. Barack means "one who's blessed by God" in Swahili. Barack Obama Sr. grew up herding goats in a remote village in Kenya but won a scholarship to study at the University of Hawaii. The woman who would be his mother moved with her parents from Kansas to Hawaii where she met Obama's father in a Russian language class.
"By all accounts it was love at first sight. They...Much to the chagrin of her parents, I think." (David Mendell, Author, Obama: From Promise to Power)
When Obama was 2, his father won a scholarship to study at Harvard. He left his young family behind and returned only once, when Barack was 10. It was Obama's mother's influence as much as his father's absence that would shape his life.

name A after B: Bの名をとってAに名付ける
be blessed: 1祝福される 2恵まれている
Swahili: スワヒリ語 東アフリカ沿岸から中央にかけて、共通語として広く用いられている言語。
Sr.: =Senior (同名の父子などを区別して)父親の
grow up: 成長する
herd: (家畜の)番をする、世話をする
goat: ヤギ
remote: 遠隔の、人里離れた
win a scholarship: 奨学金を獲得する
move from A to B: AからBに引っ越す
Russan: ロシアの
by all accounts: 誰に聞いても、誰の説明でも
love at first sight: 一目惚れ
much to the chagrin of: ~にとって非常に悔しいことに、残念なことに
author: 作者、著書
promise: 1約束 2有望性
power: 力、権力
leave...behind: …を置き去りにする、後に残して行く
young family: 子どものまだ小さい家庭
influence: 影響、感化
A as much as B: Bと同じだけAも、AとBが同程度に
absence: 不在、留守
shape: ~を形づくる、方向づける

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Secret: 管理者にだけ表示を許可する
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