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talk to happened thing in midnight.
I had a fever, headache, and feel sick... but now I well good, Because drank medicine. ya!!

so, Le2' lean Eng!( ̄∇ ̄*)b

Who is Barack Obama?/CNNが伝えたバラク・オバマの半生
When Obama was 5, his mother remarried an Indonesian man and a year later moved the family to Jakarta. And there, for the first time in his life, Barack Obama had a racial awakening. He was teased for the color of his skin. At 10 years old, Obama re-schools, Punahou School. He lived with his grandparents in a cramped two-bedroom apartment while his mother stayed in In-donesia.
"He had a sense of parental abandonment because his father was not around. And his mother was gone for...for periods of time too."(David Mendell)
Obama also felt left out at his mostly while, mostly wealthy high school. He got mostly Bs, sang in the choir and wrote poetry but his true passion was basketball. It was off the court that he struggled with his identity. Obama says he tried drugs to numb his confusion, but he kept his grads high enough to get into Occidental College in Los Angeles.

remarry: ~と再婚する
for the first time in one's life: 生まれて初めて
racial: 人種の、民族の
awakening: 覚せい、意識の目覚め
tease: ~をからかう、いじめる
attend: (学校に)通う
state: 州
elite: 選ばれた人向けの、名門の
prep school: =preparatory school《米》プレパラトリースクール 大学進学の準備教育をする私立中学や高校。
cramped: 狭苦しい、窮屈な
parental abandonment: 親の責任放棄、親に見捨てられること
be around: そばにいる
be gone: いなくなる、立ち去る
for periods of time: 一定の期間
be left out: 取り残される、孤立する
mostly: 大部分、ほとんど
wealthy: 裕福な
choir: 聖歌隊、合唱団
poetry: 詩、詩歌
struggle with: ~に苦しむ、悩む
identity: (自己の)存在証明
numb: ~の感覚をまひさせる
confusion: 混乱、困惑
keep...high: …を高く保つ、維持する
grade: 成績
get into: ~に入学する

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